Second Life Online Tutorial

What a fun way to learn! We all met at the CSU learning centre and one by one my fellow INF506 students appeared. The different avatars indicated diverse personalities – I met a dog, a robot, a tiger and a few goths.  After getting to know each other (via chat as the auditory wasn’t clear enough), we were educated on the basics of SL by the extremely patient Cas Geordie! I discovered how to purchase clothing and Poppydom was delighted with her new T shirt. Trying to get home after teleporting to a different destination was a challenge as I hadn’t saved CSU to home properly and proceeded to get lost in SL wilderness. BUT I stayed calm, copied and pasted the CSU SLURL into the destination bar and successfully rejoined my fellow students at the CSU home. Whew……scary times.

Recent studies into the educational advantages of immersion in a digital world indicate that the benefits are threefold, “…… allowing multiple perspectives, situated learning and transfer” (Dede, 2009). The learning possibilities are endless when you consider how students can be immersed in a variety of environments that the traditional classroom is unable to replicate.


Dede, C. (2009). Immersive interfaces for engagement and learning,
Science, 323(5910), 66-69. Retrieved from;323/5910/66.pdf



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