Monthly Archives: November 2011

Tweeting, blogging and posting on walls…..


I have been posting comments on Twitter but I feel like I’m talking to myself. Kevin Rudd says he’s following me but I don’t believe him. FaceBook is definitely more social as the INF506 group is very vocal and members post daily. I joined Second life – haven’t played yet but it looks like fun.


I found a great site thanks to and read all about microblogging and the way it can be used in libraries and education. This in definitely an interesting subject.  I’m thinking about what to do in Assignment 1 but am rather confused about what is required. Hopefully some group discussion on Facebook will commence soon. Or am I the only one who doesn’t know what she’s doing?


Views on social networking

Social networking is the way in which we communicate  with others, share information and experiences and establish and develop relationships across the globe via the internet. The widespread use of the internet enables social networking sites to maintain popularity and is enormously valuable as a means of sustaining communication and relationships in today’s hectic global lifestyle.

My past experience with social networking technology is primarily limited to Facebook (as a means of staying in contact with friends and family overseas) and a blog for educational purposes. I have now opened a twitter account (not sure how much I’ll use this site) and a Flickr account which promises to be very beneficial for sharing photos.

INF 506 is already proving very interesting after some initial reading of module 1. Having only a basic understanding of social networking sites through my use of Facebook, I am very eager to learn more about social networking especially its worth and effective use in education. With students devoting so much time to Facebook and twitter for recreational purposes, it would be so beneficial to incorporate this medium into all aspects of  their learning.